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Boozephreaks members get special benefits: 

  • Invitations to private events

  • Special tastings

  • Boozephreaks swag

  • Guest lectures

And the best part?

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Distilled Board Game
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During the pandemic, I worked with creator Dave Beck to help produce this board game in which players compete to build the best distillery. I advised on spirits-making details, wrote the fun and humorous flavor text to the cards, and added some atmosphere and background about the industry. And now I'm on one of the cards! Check out this highly rated on Board Game Geek game or order a copy yourself!

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Dr Inkwell at a podium
Are you looking for a bourbon expert, a talk about the history of spirits, or an overview as to how gin is made? Look no further! Dr Inkwell is an expert in both locally made spirits and international brands. He's spoken at the Exploratorium's Science of Cocktails, many corporate events and countless private parties. Comfortable with a variety of subjects, Dr Inkwell include tasting demonstrations, cocktail-making classes or create something specific to fit your event.
Catch him on YouTube!

With a weekly cocktail recipe demonstration, Dr Inkwell keeps it fresh. He makes #oneminutecocktails and fully explained videos on YouTube.

Spirits Expert Dr Inkwell

Making Cocktails



TIPS/RBS Training for Service Professionals

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Get your RBS Certificate for only $50 plus exam costs, now required in California.

Dr Inkwell's 2024 Distillery Tour!

Bay Area

Registration Soon

Learn about your local spirits from the people who make them! Destination will be announced shortly.

Dr Inkwell's Cocktail Event

San Francisco

Registration Soon

In this premiere event, you'll get to taste some amazing flavors using the latest scientific bar techniques. 


  • La Celebración de Mezcal at Persona 

  • Barrel Tasting Masterclass at Griffo Distillery

  • The Death & Life of Gin Cordials

  • Loch & Union Gin-Making Tour

  • Gold Rush Board Game Night with Argonaut Brandy

  • Sequoia Sake Tour & Tasting

  • Board Game Night featuring Jura Scotch

  • Lofi Aperitif Masterclass

  • Board Game Night, featuring Punch from 1869

  • Alley 6 Distillery Tour & Tasting

  • Falcon Spirits Tour & Tasting

  • Irish Whiskey Masterclass

  • Aphrodisiacs, featuring Emanuel's Elixirs

  • Oakland Spirits Company Tour, Tasting & Art Show

  • Winterhaven, a Pop-up Speakeasy

  • Tour & Tasting at Spirit Works Distillery

  • Raff Distillerie Tour & Tasting

  • A Trip To Venus (Distillery) in Santa Cruz

  • Shhhh, A Pop-up Speakeasy

  • Heidrun Meadery Tour, Tasting and Picnic

  • Whiskey Masterclass at The Academy

  • Sutherland Distilling Tour & Tasting

  • Anchor Distillery Tour & Rooftop Tasting

  • Old World Spirits with Davorin Kuchan

  • Tour of Napa Valley Distillery's New Grand Tasting Salon

  • All About Amaro: History, Tasting & Tour

  • Hangar One Distillery Tour & Tasting

Happy People
Dr Inkwell at the bar


Are you looking for an unique cocktail event? For over 10 years, we've been creating memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences.  We are based in San Francisco, but travel throughout the Bay Area and nationwide.

  • Spirits 101

  • Create Your Own Bitters

  • Whiskey Basics

  • Tequila, Mezcal and Mexico

  • Amaro-verview

Contact us below to request a quote!


Drinking well is not about drinking alcohol. It’s about the craft of every beverage. We have expertise with non-alcoholic ingredients––from specialty syrups, to shrubs, to non-alcoholic bitters. We can create something perfect for a workplace team-building exercise or an all-inclusive party. 

Cocktail Ingredients




Boozephreaks recipes are tested and refined to ensure the best balance of flavor in every drink.




Our experts use the latest scientific techniques and can create ingredients specific to each recipe.

Our mixologists have a worldly, experienced palette, ensuring our recipes are of the highest quality.


If you're looking to make the next big gin, whiskey or liqueur and need some help, we're here for you. Our consulting services can help you develop your signature spirit. As more distilleries pop up in the Bay Area, our networks need to grow too. What will you do if your only screw pump dies in the middle of moving your mash? It's good to know your neighbors.

Hire Us
People at a distillery


Doctor Inkwell created Boozephreaks with Vitamin V. In 2006, he was curious about the differences between vodkas. After inviting 30 people to blind taste, rate and notate 30 vodkas, our good Doctor declared it to be the first Boozephreaks event. We've maintained that scientific curiosity and research-based approach since then. We currently have quarterly, monthly and weekly meetings to taste spirits, create cocktails, tour distilleries, invent new cocktail techniques and meet local bartenders. We're always looking to be social so sign up for our mailing list today!

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