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Responsible Beverage

California requires all employees who check identification, take alcoholic beverage orders, pour alcoholic beverages, or deliver alcoholic beverages to have the Responsible Beverage Service Certification. The law went into effect on July 2, 2022 and servers must pass the exam by August 31, 2022.

To participate in the class,

you need an RBS Server ID Number.

How To Get an RBS Server ID Number

Create an account at

The $3 registration is required

Send your RBS server number and the email address you used to register to You'll get further information about payment, location and time, etc.

The RBS ID Number is highlighted in this example:

RBS ID Number Screenshot.png

After the class, log into the ABC website again. You will now have access to the RBS exam.​ You have 30 days or 3 tries to successfully complete the exam.

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